Joachim Larsen - FullStack & JS Engineer

Skype: joe-developer

What I can offer

I can't know what you are looking for, but if it is a Web / JS Engineer who loves to learn and gets a rush from applying, then you just found one.

I invest in developing new proficiencies -

I can help you -

What Motivates me - Making things work, better.

At the heart of it, the dovetailing of my sensation of creating something of value with the understanding that I am creating value for someone else. Its nice to feel appreciated while doing something you appreciate.

Making the user experience faster, and making it faster to make more user experiences.

Prior Art

I have experience with a wide range of technologies and processes, worked for companies with millions of users and saved humanity years in just page load waits. More details can be had in this pdf.

I'll focus on recent events here, which have seen me spending my time on furthering the goals of my employer - routinely clocking 55 hours per week. I don't have a significant presence on github, but otherwise I would probably have spent more time with my fledgling code sketches at YUI3 SchemApp and UserJavaScript.

Part of the Distributed Agile team behind

I helped implement tools and processes empowering distributed development teams, in terms of the user facing product and by taking the lead in writing internal code style documents, disseminating best practices and creating well-documented reusable components for the rest of the team.

The workflow included: Agile approaches, daily scrums, ticket creation and fleshing out, git for version control, gerrit for code reviews, skype, email and internal messages. More insight into the workflow can be had in Distributed Agile: 5 DOs and 5 DON'Ts to global team management.

My first task at Assembla was reimplementing their planning tool. It was slow to load, lacking in functionality and that which it had was cumbersome to use. I found YUI3 fitting for our ambitious goals for the planner and beyond, as it provided tools and architecture for auto-generated documentation, test coverage, reusable components with dependency loading and raw performance to allow juggling more than 2k ticket widgets, each with inline editing and individualized context menus, and much much more.
There are write-ups on the initial release at the YUI blog here and an Assembla blog entry with a video of that initial release.

Key responsibilities have included refactoring performance bottlenecks in the Rails and JavaScript code that power the user-facing application, key pages had pageweight cut in half and load times improved by even more. I built light-weight reusable JS components such as for in-page filtering, ubiquitous ticket context menus and architected easy to reason about yet powerful constructs for defining page functionality and dynamic dependency resolution / loading for enabling it.

“I enjoyed working with Joachim for three reasons. First, Joachim is a talented javascript programmer. He does real engineering with javascript, and he can build complex AJAX user interfaces like the Assembla agile planner. Second, he is plugged in to developer communities. He sees new technology and comes back with good ideas. Third, he is creative, and he often suggests interesting product initiatives. After working on Assembla's distributed development team, he will be ready to plug into more projects from around the world.”
-- Andy Singleton, Founder, President, Assembla managed Joachim at Assembla

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